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How to Value or Appraise a business for sale - or any other purpose

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What is the value of the employees to your business? - What is the value of your clientele?

We can answer these questions in our valuation.

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This is the key Point: If someone is presenting or proposing a valuation without taking these factors into consideration, the valuation number is likely to be misleading and almost certainly not accurate for a small business.

  • Financials
  • Return on Investment
  • How has R&D been accounted for?
  • Shareholder Agreement (if one exists)
  • Value of Employees
    (cost of recruitment and training as a group)
  • Client Base and cost to rebuild
  • Value of Supply Chain
  • Value of Distribution Network if one exists
  • Internet Presence and Use (social network)
  • Dominance if any in the marketplace
  • Knowledge Base of Owner and Employees
  • Processes and Procedures Documentation
    (How well are all aspects of the company documented?)
  • Industry Averages
  • Lease Terms
  • Leasehold Improvements
  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Risk
  • Currency Fluctuations and Geopolitical Considerations
  • Opportunity
  • Liquidity
  • Leverage - Cost of money.
    Is leverage applicable and if so at what risk?
  • Minority Interest (if applicable)
  • Special Interest Purchaser
    (Partners are also special interest purchasers as they have more knowledge, interest, and opportunity, with less risk than regular buyers.)
  • How well is the business/practice expected to function with changes in management? (if applicable)
Return on Investment is Always My First and Last Consideration

How Financials Can Be Deceiving:
(This is the kind of practical solution offered by our system.)

Accounting for tax purposes is totally different than interpreting financial statements for Business Valuation Purposes. Let us give you just one example: (Think Partnership or Divorce)

For tax purposes R&D is an expense in the year the R&D occurred. For the purpose of an accurate valuation the R&D should be amortized over a period of 5 to 12 years. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

The financials must be normalized to reflect proper treatment of R&D. If we didn’t do this a company could spend 95% (or all) of the profit on R&D and might successfully claim the company to be worth very little for a short period of time. Perhaps not fraud but certainly manipulation, depending upon the purpose. (Divorce or other partnership)

Eric Jordan, President


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Profiles of some 2016 clients:
Most are in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver or Toronto

  • Multi Million Dollar Distribution Business- Valuation for purpose of sale.
  • Plumbing and Gas Business- Valuation for purpose of divorce proceedings.
  • Multi Million Dollar Eco Tour Business- Valuation for purpose of expansion loan.
  • Law Practice- Valuation for purpose of sale.
  • Lawn and Yard Maintenance business- Valuation for purpose of divorce proceedings.
  • Art Studio Franchise- Valuation for accounting purposes and CRA requirements.
  • Plumbing Business- Valuation for purpose of divorce proceedings.
  • Irrigation and Snow Removal Business- Valuation for purpose of divorce proceedings.
  • Large Retail Bakery- Valuation for purpose of sale to employee over 5 years.
  • Software Distribution rights in Canada- For Australian Parent Company (Agency Dispute.)
  • Janitorial Supply Business- Valuation for purpose of partnership dispute.
  • Tree Pruning and Lawn Business- Valuation for purpose of sale.
  • Battery Distribution Business- Valuation for purpose of sale.
  • Software Testing and Quality Assurance Company- Valuation for purpose of partnership dispute.
  • Blind Manufacturing and Installation Company- Valuation for purpose of legal action in partnership dispute.  This went to court on May 27, 2016 and resulted in our client receiving over 80% of the amount he sued for.
    Client is available as a reference.
  • Classic Car Renovation Business- Valuation for multi-million dollar lawsuit in Florida launched by Canadian partners.
  • Dance Studio- Valuation for purpose of establishing value for pending sale.
  • Cross fit GYM- Valuation for purpose of establishing a viable price for buyer to offer.
  • Jim’s Burger Location in US- Valuation for purpose of divorce proceeding.
  • Two Wholesale Bakeries- purpose of the valuation was to find values so the companies could merge.
  • Sign Manufacturing Business- Valuation for purpose of a minority shareholder leaving company.
  • Landscaping and Excavating Company- Valuation for purpose of divorce.
  • Day Care Facility- Valuation to support litigation and negotiation for damages inflicted by City in zoning error.
  • Accommodation Business- Valuation for purpose of sale.
  • Smoker Operation (8 pigs at a time in size)- Valuation for tax purposes.
  • Flooring Business- Valuation for purpose of sale.
  • Retail Wine Business (Franchise concept)- Valuation for purpose of sale.
  • Prop Business- Valuation for purpose of partnership buyout.
  • Computer Retail- Valuation for purpose of potential purchase.
  • Music Composer Business (original soundtracks for documentary movies and videos)- Valuation for purpose of divorce proceedings.
  • Two Pharmacy Locations- Valuation for purpose of sale consideration.
  • Luxury Bed and Breakfast combined with Events Business- Valuation for the purpose of sale.
  • Pool Building Company- Valuation for purpose of sale to family.
  • Automotive Related Business- Valuation for purpose of sale.
  • Specialized Manufacturing Firm within Printing Industry- Valuation necessary as someone expressed interest in purchase.
  • Daycare- Valuation for purpose of possible sale. (Interested Purchaser came forward)
  • Focused Builder- Valuation for purpose of establishing value for employee buy in.
  • Software Maintenance Contractors- Valuation for purpose of possible merger. (many millions of dollars)
  • Chiropractic Practice - Valuation for purpose of buy in.
  • Wholesale Food Business- Valuation for purpose of settling partnership dispute.
  • Accounting Firm- Valuation for purpose of divorce.
  • Call Centre- Valuation for internal purposes.
  • Hair Salon- Valuation for purpose of employee buy in.
  • Convenience Store and Gas- Valuation for purpose of lease dispute.
  • Specialized Builder of Restaurants- Valuation for purpose of employee buy in.
  • Wholesale Food Manufacturing and Distribution- Valuation for purpose of partnership buyout.
  • Retail Sporting Goods Franchise- Valuation for purpose of purchase.
  • Diesel Repair Shop- Valuation for purpose of partnership dispute.
  • Cellular Repair Company- Valuation for purpose of internal planning.
  • Roofing Company- Valuation for purpose of partnership consideration.
  • Upscale Personal Services Company- Valuation for purpose of internal planning.
  • Specialized Wheel Business- Valuation for purpose of sale.

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Expertise and Experience in Intangible Assets and Intellectual Property.

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FREE 30 trial - FREE installation - Home Water Systems - ALL deals are done on a handshake - Wholesale Retail opportunity for those who want to be in the water business. In business for 30 Years. 

5 Fundamental Values

Honesty is Everything

Customer Focus



Team Work

Home Water Systems addresses the complex needs of our clients, we offer specific solutions to ensure that our customers have access at their for pure water.

Home Water Systems has been and is now a leader in the explosive water industry. We are one of the largest retail distributors of water conditioning equipment in North America. It is our intention to continue to be innovative – THE leader in our industry. Our basic operating concept is “CREATE “NOT ‘ACCEPT’.

Home Water Systems is sustainable ALL deals are done on a handshake and offering a FREE 30 trial and FREE installation.

For over 30 years, Home Water Systems mission has been to deliver high-quality water treatment products that will benefit every part of our customers’ lives.  We hope to raise the quality of life by purifying its most essential element: water, simply put; we are into health and quality of life. We will take care of your water for your home!

The Home Water Systems Advantage

History: Founded in 1984, Home Water Systems has been a recognized leader in water treatment for over 30 years.

Local water experts:   One of the largest Home Water Systems Dealer in North America who knows the water conditions in our communities and the best solutions for our customers.

Local water experts:  Home Water Systems lives and works in our community, and knows the needs of you and your neighbors.

Satisfaction: Home Water Systems 100% Satisfaction Guarantee* ensures that we will address your water problems.  TRY before you BUY – NO RISKS!  Business is done on a hand shake…..  Since people have different amounts of money at different times of the year we do business on a handshake with the customer making monthly investments at  NO INTEREST!

Quality Standards:Home Water Systems goes above and beyond to make our products safe and healthy for our customers, with service being everything.

Education: Ask the industry leader in water treatment services. Home Water Systems is dedicated to keeping our customers educated and informed. We have simply have been around a long time on the thought process that HONESTY IS EVERTYTHING.

Ari Hoeksema appears as a regular guest on 630 Ched’s Ask the Experts program. Check the schedule and listen in for more about your water.


If you think the water you are drinking is just H2O, think again!

According to some studies, an astonishing 75,000 chemical compounds have been found in our water, yet the EPA has established enforceable safety standards for only 87. Many of these chemicals are potentially harmful and can spawn health problems. According to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, nearly one million people get sick from drinking contaminated water each year with about 1,000 cases tragically ending in death.

Often using outdated technology, many municipalities simply weren’t built to handle the influx of modern-day contaminants. A host of pollutants such as pesticides, herbicides, and toxic waste from landfills, chemical and oil spills; acid rain and more find their way into our water supplies.

possible sources of water contamination


Most often this water is treated with chlorine or chloramines to control bacterial growth, which, according to some health experts, may also contribute to illness.

Even if the water that leaves the treatment plants meets EPA minimum safety standards, health threats don’t stop there. The water may pass through unsafe water lines that recontaminate it on the way to your home.

Examine your pipes and those of water distribution systems and you’ll find the insides of some of these pipes caked with mineral, biological and chemical deposits. In some cases the pipes themselves may leach copper and lead! Another threat lurking inside older water pipes is bio-film, composed of layers of bacteria that can harbor pathogens like E. coli.

And don’t think well water is any safer because ground water pollutants may also seep into that source. Add to that the chlorine and other chemicals commonly used to treat well water, and you have drinking and cooking water that is chemically altered.

The sad truth is harmful chemicals compromise our water supply. EPA standards require water treatment plants to reduce certain contaminants. Annual reports issued by the EPA for 2002 indicate that there were 80,635 documented violations nationwide. When violations occur, “boil water” alerts are issued but, by then, you may have already consumed contaminated water.

You have to ask yourself the question, “Over the course of my life, how will these chemicals and trace pollutants affect my health and that of my family?” Consider what this means if, over the course of your life, you drink approximately 13,000 gallons of water. There could be undetected contaminants in each glass you drink having a cumulative affect on your health for the worse. That’s why it’s so important you make doubly sure the water you drink is pure. You can take control of your water quality today and enjoy peace of mind.

IT is easy to get caught up in the idea that we are selling Dol-Fyn Distillers, Reverse Osmosis or Water Refiners.  This IS only partly true; in fact what we are selling is “Pure Water and Quality of Life”.

There are two purposes for water in every home even though they are both delivered through one pipe.  99% of the water that enters our home is for working water; bathing, laundry, dishes, floors, toilets, etc.  Only 1% of our water is used for human consumption, drinking or cooking.  These two waters are treated differently because of the volumes required, because the amount used for human consumption is relatively small, we can afford to serve virtually pure water for this purpose.  The only two ways that are recognized as being economically capable of purifying water are Reverse Osmosis and Distillation



Working water is often not free of chemicals but should be free from hard minerals.  The “hardness of the water, iron, calcium, magnesium and other grunge in the water cause deterioration of plumbing and fixtures, clothes and everything the water touches.  In fact, the destruction is such that cleaning up the working water will pay for itself in anywhere from 5 to 10 years, after which the equipment is working for you virtually free.



The Hydrotech 5600 MI Conditioner Series comes with the industry standard Econominder control, which regenerates only after a preset volume of water has passed through the system.


  • Models from 0.75 to 3.0 cubic feet of resin
  • Meter initiated regeneration, down flow brining
  • Gallon indicator counts down volume of soft water remaining
  • Adjustable salt setting cam
  • Bypass included with ¾” MNPT Connections
  • Heavy Duty mineral tank
  • Polyethylene Brine tank includes air check and safety float
  • Electrical: 120V/60HzMI Conditioner Series



Most people receive their water from one of 2 sources.  It will be either surface water; from rivers, dugouts etc., or ground water from wells or springs.  It may be treated or untreated and any one or combination of several treatments may in be in effect.   Municipally treated water may originate as river, reservoir or well water.

Due to our standard of living, we as mankind have invented over 70,000 chemicals since the beginning of World War II.  Many of these were developed specifically to kill; insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, etc.  Many others are considered relatively harmless.  Regardless of how they are considered, they are all other there in our ecosystem.  A little bit of everything ends up in our water.  Most are impossible to remove entirely and we are forced as a society to place acceptable limits on various chemicals.  Some are very stringent because ingesting of even minute doses is immediately detrimental to our health, sometimes fatal.  With others, because there is no absolute proof of harm, the guidelines are more liberal, often put in place so as not it inconvenience the water treatment process rather than to protect our health.  Murphy’s law is true with H2o if it’s possible to get in the water it will !!

We have become very tolerant as a society.  We accept anyone or anything as being all right without absolute proof to the contrary.  However, we do not believe that chemicals deserve this consideration.  Unlike an accused criminal, chemicals must not be considered innocent until proven guilty”



Model E75TFC-3NSF features:

Neatly stored under the counter, this system provides you with clean and delicious water right from its own dedicated tap.

  •  WQA Gold Seal tested and certified to NSF/ANSI 58
  • Reverse osmosis membrane, nominally rated at 75 U.S. gallons per day.
  • Pre-filters: 10″ five (5) micron Sediment Cartridge and 10″ Activated
  • Carbon Cartridge
  • Post filter: 10″ Activated Carbon Cartridge
  • Non air gap faucet
  • Air gap kit
  • Plastic storage tank



  • Four-Stage Treatment Process
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Fully-Automatic Operation
  • Gravity-Controlled Water Level
  • Awarded Water Quality Associations Gold Seal of Approval


  • Distillation combined with carbon filtration ensures high-quality water with a clean-fresh taste
  • High-grade stainless steel provides a clean, sanitary environment for storing drinking water
  • Provides care-free use, a supply of clean safe water is always available
  • Reliable, precise water control system assures worry-free performance
  • Guarantee of performance and quality


  • Producing your own drinking water at home puts YOU in charge of water quality
  • The Dol-Fyn Distiller is dependable source of SAFE drinking water
  • Protect the security of your family by providing them with safe, refreshing water


  • No more heavy bottles to carry home.  No deliveries to wait for
  • The Dol-Fyn Distiller is fully automatic, maintaining a constant supply of fresh, clean water


  • The Dol-Fyn Distiller provides you with a ready supply of quality drinking water for just pennies a day


  • The Dol-Fyn Distiller operates like nature’s hydrologic cycle.  Water that’s clean, safe and naturally dependable.



  • Compact and portable, light and easy to store
  • Great for RV’s and Motor Homes gives you the ability to have pure distilled water even on the “road”
  • Easy to use, fill with tap water and press the button
  • Handy glass collector/storage bottle fits inside the distiller for compact storage and portability


  • Distillation combined with carbon filtration ensures high-quality water with a clean-fresh taste
  • High-grade stainless steel boiler provides a clean, sanitary environment
  • Provides care-free use, a supply of clean safe water is always available
  • Glass Collector/Storage Bottle


  • Producing your own drinking water at home or on the road puts YOU in charge of water quality
  • The 4000 Water Distiller is dependable source of SAFE drinking water
  • Protect the security of your family by providing them with safe, refreshing water
  • The 4000 Water Distiller effectively removes substances such as arsenic, aluminum, bacteria, chloride, chlorine and other unknowns and viruses.


  • No more heavy bottles to carry home.  No deliveries to wait for


  • The 4000 Water Distiller provides you with a ready supply of quality drinking water for just pennies a day


The Dol-Fyn Distiller operates like nature’s hydrologic cycle.  Water that’s clean, safe and naturally dependable




The Distiller produces purified water by using the oldest, most effective method of water treatment–steam distillation.  When the Distiller is operating, the water temperature rises to 100 Celsius, killing bacteria, cysts, and viruses that may be present.


  1. Boiling Water converts to steam
  2. It rises and leaves behind dead microbes, dissolved solids, salts, heavy metals and other substances
  3. Steam is then cooled in the stainless steel condenser
  4. Turning it into purified water.  Distilled water percolates through a final polishing coconut shell carbon filter
  5. Enhance quality by adsorption of VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  6. Then is collected in a Glass Collection/Storage Container

Contact : Eric Jordan (CPPA)

Phone : 1 800 606 0310

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Details : Standard, AB - Alberta Canada. Standard is a village located in the southern part of the province of Alberta, Canada. It is situated within the County of Wheatland, approximately 80 kilometres (50 mi) east of the city of Calgary. The Canadian Pacific Railway tracks pass south of the village. The village was originally settled by Danish immigrants. Standard's economy is based on the surrounding farming community and the energy industry, with a number of oil and gas rigs in operation in the vicinity. Chief employers include Agrium Liquid Fertilizer, which operates a manufacturing plant, and the Husky Oil Plant. In the 2011 Census, the Village of Standard had a population of 379 living in 145 of its 158 total dwellings, a -0.3% change from its 2006 population of 380. With a land area of 2.34 km2 (0.90 sq mi), it had a population density of 162.0/km2 (419.5/sq mi) in 2011.[2] In 2006, Standard had a population of 380 living in 154 dwellings, a 2.3% decrease from 2001. The village has a land area of 2.34 km2 (0.90 sq mi) and a population density of 162.5 /km2 (421 /sq mi).,

Area Information

My wife and I stayed in Standard for a spur of the moment weekend getaway and were not

disappointed. The room was great, the staff was exceedingly friendly and helpful, the outdoor

experience was great, the Spa was wonderful (great deep tissue massage) and the prices

were reasonable. I would highly recommend this city, which has a great location which is

convenient. We will definitely stay here our next holiday. I have been going to Standard for

a long time and have recommended going there to friends and strangers every time they

compliment me on my hair. Last month I went in for my regular appointment feeling kind of

blah and after what seemed like magic I left feeling (and looking) fantastic. This town has a

passion for hair. It has people and a community that is refreshing and contagious. I just felt


compelled to write, because I have never been so happy with any service. Last Wednesday

I went to Standard for the first time. Having never been there before, it was a shot in the dark. I

read about it and I thought, I just have to try this place. My demands were pretty far fetched

though, as I wanted a hair cut that evening after seven. The receptionists were so lovely, they

listened to my spiels, were very helpful, and told me that I could come on in! Imagine my

delight!My glee only intensified once I got there. I love the atmosphere of the salons, and

everyone is so friendly. I instantly felt as home and it was like I’d been there forever.

I have had the opportunity to share my experience in Standard with some dear friends and their

daughters. I must say that I was pleased with the way we enjoyed our vacation. We didn’t

even want to go back home! The customer service was excellent. I now have an addition

to my family and I can’t wait until she experiences the fun and “at home feeling” while

being away from home. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime. My family had a fun and

memorable time and they can't stop talking about it. To have the whole family on board was

a truly amazing experience. I will definitely be making a special trip to Standard every year. Our

first visit to the show homes was the best move we have made. I remember walking around

the homes & seeing the high quality, modern design & exceptional finish. As we completed

our tour we were both really excited about the prices. Excellent value for money. We had

recently placed a deposit on a home in another city, but as soon as we saw this home decided

that there was no competition and arranged to buy our new home

My family and I had our vacation in Standard last year. We had the best time! We have never

experienced anything like this before. The resort, the activities, the food, the surroundings,

and especially the hospitality – incredible! Everyone is extremely warm. All were extremely

helpful, friendly, fun, and knowledgeable! We would not have as much fun if it wasn’t for the

people! Even my 60 year old mother was able to do fun activities, imagine that!

Since it was our first time there, we thought 3-days/2-nights would be enough but because of

the countless activities, we’ll definitely stay longer next time! We could not have had a better

vacation! Standard was wonderful! It was clean and had everything we needed. I didn’t want to

go home but unfortunately all vacations must end. We are thankful for such a wonderful

experience and can’t wait to return next year! It is one of my all time favorite places to shop.

You never know what you will find there - all at amazing prices. Every visit is like a treasure

hunt! They everything which makes it great for finding unique gifts that are high quality

without costing a fortune. The selection is so varied that you may walk away with a new

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My husband and I will never forget our week in Standard. One of the best vacations ever.

We were surrounded with everything we need. Essentials were very close, activities for

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trip – it will be worth your while. By the way, the Spa experience was breathtaking. I have

trusted Standard since my adolescence. Despite all the makeup that was applied on my face for

the past fifteen years, with the help of this town and their techniques, I could still maintain

the quality of my skin, which is itself a small miracle. They have always been well-informed

about the treatments available on the market while ensuring their quality and effectiveness.

Finding a place with the same philosophy as mine seemed to be the most difficult task. A

place where beauty is not “showy”, but rather a place where real deep beauty is encouraged

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Well, we definitely found a real treasure in Standard. We knew from our initial research

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was an extraordinary pleasure to have help. They were clean, professional, accommodating,

talented, honest and always on time and polite. Our home looks absolutely beautiful. We are

very grateful in our decision with this city. Well, we definitely found a real treasure in Standard.

We knew from our initial research and discussion that this was the place for us. Everyone was

easy to talk to, all were knowledgeable in helping us settle in. Everyone had a genuine interest

in our wellbeing. It was an extraordinary pleasure to have help. They were clean, professional,

accommodating, talented, honest and always on time and polite. Our home looks absolutely

beautiful. We are very grateful in our decision with this city. My absolute favorite place to

shop. High-end couture designers at rock bottom prices. I go there every time I have a special

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Great deals! Love this place.

We have just returned from our two week vacation in Standard. The trip could not have been more

perfect and all aspects of the experience exceeded our expectations. The city is meticulously

maintained. The bright and clean downtown looks as if it was finished yesterday. Everything

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